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Moving Home

moving houseMoving to Calgary -
Self Moving or Professional Moving Firm 

Moving from Ireland to Canada we learned the hard way, most of the pitfalls associated with relocating. That was ten years ago, today I work as a realtor and relocation specialist in Calgary. If I can be of assistance in making sure you don't make the same mistakes, please give me a call.  or fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

Self Moving or Professional Moving Firm

DIY Home Moving.

Moving home can be a costly exercise. As such it's often very tempting to try and cut corners and save a few dollars. One area that some people feel they can save money is by not hiring a firm of professional movers. I have to say that some years ago we went this route ourselves and boy did we come to regret it. In our case we were only moving a few miles across town and as such considered a professional moving company an unneeded expense. What we didn't considerer was that moving home requires a lot more than simply renting a large U-Drive truck. In total we must have taken us at least five times longer to make the move than had we used professionals. It also was the source of some of the biggest stand up arguments my husband and I have ever had. Most of these arguments  took place in the street outside our new home, just the thing to impress the new neighbors.

Hiring a Professional Company.

So assuming you decide that you are going to hire a firm of professional movers how to you go about choosing the right firm? Well perhaps the best place to start is by asking close friends or family members for recommendations.  If that doesn't work then start looking for firms who have a proven track record. Last and perhaps most important of all ask for a list of client referrals who you can call. Any company worth it's salt will have a list of clients who are willing to speak up about their experiences with the company in question. The same by the way goes for realtors. If a realtor can't provide you with a list of happy past clients find another realtor!   

Like I said, when it comes to the moving thing, I have been there and have the scars to prove it. If I can help you learn from my own experiences please don't hesitate to call me on (403) 383-8025.

  Diane Kelly
Calgary Relocation Specialist

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