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Moving home

Moving to CalgaryHome Moving Advice
by Calgary Realtor Diane Kelly

To paraphrase an old Calgary real estate saying - the three most important factors for a stress-free move are: planning, planning, and more planning. Plan your move at least one month in advance. Set up a moving expense book, and line up your suppliers - movers, storage companies, delivery of new appliances or furniture. Don't forget painters, carpet installers and other services working on your new house prior to your move in date.  I can help you with special services and pricing from a broad range of trusted providers to help keep your move hassle free.

Minimize the number of items you have to move. Discard unwanted items, hold a garage sale, and collect boxes. Notify friends, relatives, the post office, and companies you do business with of your change of address. Don't forget about those companies you might contact only once a year, such as life or car insurance companies.

Contact your lawyer about the changeover of all utilities. Some may be handled by your lawyer as part of the final adjustments included with the sale. Others, particularly cable television and telephone, you'll probably be instructed to handle on your own. Try to schedule utilities and service connections before you arrive at your new house - and book your appointments as far out in advance as possible, or you might find yourself on a waiting list at month end.

Make a floor plan of the new house and plan where everything will go. Don't guess - take measurements of room dimensions and major furniture items and then lay everything out. You don't want pay movers an hourly rate to move that piano three times because it doesn't fit! On moving day, provide movers with a copy of your floor plan and lay down plastic sheets to protect carpets.

Prepare a list of the items you wish to move personally such as jewellery and precious breakables. Pack your pillows, a set of sheets and blankets, along with your nightclothes, a towel and toiletries to take with you in your car. Then at the end of a long and tiring day, you can get ready for bed without having to sort through 50 boxes. You might also pack a lunch complete with utensils, napkins, condiments, (and perhaps a wine opener?) to enjoy your first meal in your home as a picnic amongst the boxes. And if you like a cup of coffee in the morning, you'll want to pack the coffee maker and all the fixings to take in your car as well.

These little things can add up to a pleasant adventure on moving day, rather than an exercise in frustration for you and your family. Call me more advice about hassle-free moves. not only have we have been through this with our customers, we have been through ourselves both on a local and international level!

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