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immigrating to canada calgaryMoving to Calgary -
Immigrating to Canada 

Moving from Ireland to Canada we learned the hard way, most of the pitfalls associated with relocating. That was ten years ago, today I work as a realtor and relocation specialist in Calgary. If I can be of assistance making sure you don't make the same mistakes, please give me a call.  or fill out the form below and I will get back to you.

Immigrating to Canada

Without doubt the biggest move anyone can make is moving from one country to another. I know because I have done it myself and no matter how prepared you are the move can be traumatic. That said, it is also going to be one of the biggest adventures in your life.

As anyone already in the process of applying for Canadian citizenship will tell you the process is a long one. But when the day finally arrives, when you get you accepted it's a little like getting to the top of a roller coaster ride, suddenly things are going to start moving very quickly. In fact, you will only have a relatively short time to make the move or lose your chance at starting your new life altogether.  With this in mind, I would like to go over some of the things you need to consider before you arrive.

Canada is a big place, but for most new residents the major areas for relocation come down to just three provinces, (well four if you can speak French), these being:

British Columbia
And Québec (The French speaking one)

calgary homes for saleOUR CHOICE
We looked at all three of the main provinces before we made our choice finally settling in Calgary, Alberta. Calgary is the power center of Alberta and home to some of he richest oil and gas reserves in the world. Two main cities account for the majority of Alberta's population, them being Calgary and Edmonton to the north of Calgary. Although Edmonton is the provincial Capital, many people feel Calgary has the edge when it comes to quality of living. Also, because of it's geographical location Calgary has considerably less harsh winters.

If you would like to talk about your move to Canada and go over some of the choices you have and things you should be considering such as credit reports, insurance records, school systems and work opportunities etc., in the Calgary area please feel free to drop me a line or even call me on (403) 383-8025. 

Anyway regardless as to where you finally decide to call home here are just a few things to consider before you make the big move.

  • Money
    Talk to your bank and arrange how you are going to transfer your funds. Also, you should consider the cost of transferring cash including exchange rates etc. For example, you may find it makes more sense to open a trading account than take a tourist exchange rate.

  • Health Care
    Although Canada has a good health care system it is nowhere near as good as most European countries. Dental charges and prescription drugs are expensive and not covered by the Canadian Health systems. something to consider before you move. You should also get copies of all your health records. When you arrive ask people for recommendations for good dentists, doctors etc.

  • School Records
    You should get hard copies of school and college records. Again ask people for recommendations when it comes to choosing a good school for your children.

  • Insurance
    This is a big one. unless you want to get hit big time when it comes to insuring your car you must bring proof of your driving record. Even then unless you find a good broker you could end up paying thousands a year for basic motor vehicle insurance until you have build up credibility with you new Canadian insurance company. Canadians are not the best drivers in the world also in some provinces children as young as 15 are allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, as such insurance can be expensive. You have been warned!

  • TAX
    Last but not least, talk to your local tax office. It is quite possible that you are eligible to reclaim some of the government benefit plans you have been paying into over the years

Like I said, when it comes to the moving thing I have been there and have the scars to prove it!

 Diane Kelly
Calgary Relocation Specialist

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