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Grow Ops in and Around Calgary. 

Properties identified through the registration of a caveat at Land Titles Office as having been condemned as the result of the manufacture of illegal drugs or use a Marijuana Grow Operation.

Information provided is believed to be accurate but is not warranted. 
Address Quadrant City  
61 Canal Circle Airdrie
69 Canal Circle Airdrie
78 Canal Circle Airdrie
82 Canal Circle Airdrie
202 Canoe Square Airdrie
238 Canoe Square Airdrie
5911 - 22 Ave NE Calgary
150 Abalone Place NE NE Calgary
216 Covepark Cl NE Calgary
112 Eldorado Place NE Calgary
171 Falwood Way NE Calgary
99 Falmead Road NE Calgary
180 Falshire Cl NE Calgary
1107 Harvest Hills Dr NE Calgary
55 Harvest Hills Drive NE Calgary
267 Harvest Oak Rise NE Calgary
46 Harvest Oak Gate NE Calgary Remediated
72 Harvest Oak Place NE Calgary
82 Harvest Oak Cres NE Calgary
6994 Laguna Way NE NE Calgary
107 Malvern Ct NE Calgary
175 Malvern Dr NE Calgary
160 Marthas Meadow Close NE Calgary
247 Pinemill Rd NE Calgary
510 Saddlecreek Way NE Calgary
46 Tararidge Dr NE Calgary
6940 Temple Dr NE Calgary
243 Templevale Rd NE Calgary
84 Templevale Wy NE Calgary
56 Templewood Road NE NE Calgary
35 Whitehaven Cr NE Calgary
520 Whitehorn Way NE Calgary
51 Whiteram Court NE Calgary
731 Whiteridge Rd NE Calgary
111 Whitman Cr NE Calgary
7520 - 7 Street NW Calgary
631 Arbour Lake Drive NW Calgary
639 Arbour Lake Dr NW Calgary
68 Arbour Lake Way NW Calgary
399 Arbour Wood Close NW Calgary
785 Citadel Dr NW Calgary
98 Citadel Forest Close NW Calgary
39 Citadel Ridge Green NW Calgary
36 Edelweiss Dr NW Calgary
225 Evansmeade Circle NW Calgary
144 Hidden Creek Road NW Calgary
15 Macewan Meadow Rise NW Calgary
195 Panamount Gardens NW Calgary
125 Panatella Court NW Calgary
416 Rocky Ridge Bay NW Calgary
427 Rocky Ridge Bay NW Calgary
498 Rocky Ridge Dr NW Calgary
119 Royal Birch Manor NW Calgary
14 Royal Birch Tc NW Calgary
2 Royal Birch Tc NW Calgary
230 Royal Birch Mews NW Calgary
241 Royal Birkdale Cr NW Calgary
90 Royal Birkdale Court NW Calgary
22 Royal Crest Wy NW Calgary
24 Scenic Glen Gate NW Calgary
135 Silver Ridge Rise NW Calgary
10346 Tuscany Hills Wy NW Calgary
68 Tuscarora Cr NW Calgary
292 Valley Brook Circle NW Calgary
71 Valley Crest Cl NW Calgary
216 - 153 Avenue SE Calgary
2010 - 26 St SE Calgary
929 - 38 Street SE Calgary
57 Applewood Court SE Calgary
96 Applewood Dr SE Calgary
22 Chaparral Green SE Calgary
342 Chaparral Ridge Circle SE Calgary
59 Chapman Cir SE Calgary
181 Cranfield Green SE Calgary
190 Cranwell Cl SE Calgary
104 Deerfield Drive SE Calgary
131 Deerpath Rd SE Calgary
76 Diamond Terrace SE Calgary
3759 Douglas Ridge Link SE Calgary Remediated
112 Douglasbank Way SE Calgary
81 Douglasbank Way SE Calgary
5019 Memorial Drive SE Calgary
218 Midridge Crescent SE Calgary
198 Mt Robson Close SE Calgary
107 Prestwick Heath SE Calgary
15226 Prestwick Bv SE Calgary
315 Queen Alexandra Rd S SE Calgary
127 Queensland Ci SE Calgary
212 Sun Valley Dr SE Calgary
49 Sunlake Road SE Calgary
341 Sunmills Dr SE Calgary
743 - 120 Avenue SW Calgary
9820 - 24 St SW Calgary
11359 Braeside Dr SW Calgary
11216 Braniff Green SW Calgary
11224 Braxton Rd SW Calgary
104 Cedargrove Way SW Calgary
20 Cedargrove Road SW Calgary
44 Cedargrove Rd SW Calgary
95 Cedargrove Way SW Calgary
572 Cougar Ridge Dr SW Calgary
28 Elkton Place SW Calgary
52 Elmont Ri SW Calgary
208 Sienna Park Dr SW Calgary
36 West Springs Close SW Calgary
7 West Springs Close SW Calgary
983 Woodbine Boulevard SW SW Calgary
159 Wood Oak Way SW Calgary
244 Wood Valley Ct SW Calgary
36 Wood Valley Rise SW Calgary
107 Woodbine Bv SW Calgary
520 Woodpark Cr SW Calgary
12316 Woodview Road SW Calgary
919 Woodview Cres SW Calgary
8 Eastridge Gate Chestermere
27 Bow Ridge Dr Cochrane
151 Gleneagles View Cochrane
68 River View Dr Cochrane
4;20;16;31;SE Vulcan




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