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Real Estate Talk Last Updated: Mar 5th, 2010 - 16:31:50

Your dream Home
By Diane Kelly
Dec 1, 2009, 11:04

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Your dream Home

When buying a home in Calgary or anywhere else for that matter is it important to work with a realtor?  Why not go it alone?

So let's say you do decide to go it alone.  You find the perfect home and you want to make an offer.  You contact the sellers, and tell them you just LOVE their home, and you want to buy it.  So what's next.  You put in a offer.  Do you just verbally tell them what you want to offer, or do you make them an offer in writing? 

Okay so let's say you just commutate verbally with them.  You agree on a price.  Now you have to make it all legal.  You need to get a lawyer to write up your contract.  Wonder how much they will charge you for that? 

Now what about conditions in your contract?  Did you ask for a home inspection?  You do want to know that your new home is structurally sound and that there is no mould in the basement.  The roof may need a bit of fixing, there could be many things that could cause you a problem.  You'll need to find a home inspector, hopefully you pick an inspector that is known to do a good job. 

Now because you're dealing directly with the seller sometimes things can get a bit emotional.  The sellers has told you everything they're including with the sale of the home.  But now they've changed their mind about a couple of items, and maybe they'd like to change the possession date too.  It's getting a bit messy now.  I bet you wish someone could take care of this all for you.

Well that's where your realtor comes in.  Your realtor will take care of your offer for you.  You and your realtor will discuss what you want to offer, what your conditions are and most importantly, your realtor will be protecting your interests at all times.  Your realtor will know home inspectors, mortgage brokers, lawyers in fact every professional you need to complete your purchase.  You realtor can arrange the home inspection for you.  Your realtor will negotiate with the seller's realtor on your behalf to get you the best deal and the best terms, without all the emotions. 

Make it legal.  Once you've decided on a lawyer, your realtor will make sure that all the paperwork is sent to the lawyer's office.  All you have to do is turn up to meet the lawyer with your best signing hand, and of course the funds to close your purchase off.   Then it's all done.  You just wait for your possession date.  And your realtor is still there with you right to the end.  Because if there's a problem, you want a professional by your side to smooth everything out if needed.

Buying a home with or without a realtor.  What do you think?

Diane Kelly

Discover Real Estate Ltd. Tel: (403) 383-8025

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