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Selling your home
By Diane Kelly
Mar 12, 2010, 10:07

Whether you're selling your home, or buying your home you want the best price.  The best terms for you.  When I am working with home sellers or home buyers, I aways make sure that I get the best for my clients. 

What about your realtor, what do you look for when you want to hire a realtor.  Honesty one of the most important factors in my life. 

You need a realtor that has time for you.  You want a realtor that will not designate your sale to an assistant for important tasks. 

The realtor who will tell you that your home will sell for the highest value, is not necessary the realtor that will get you the most money.  Listing for a fair price will get you more showings. More showings means more buyers looking at your home.  Over pricing means no showings, and no interest in your home.

You want a realtor that has access to all the professionals you need to complete your sale or purchase of your home.  You want to know that the professionals that are recommended to you are of the highest caliber.  I will never recommend a professional I feel would let my clients down.  Professionals I have on my team are: mortgage brokers, home inspectors, condo check companies, lawyers, moving companies.  In fact all the professional you will need to complete you sale or purchase.

Hire a Realtor that can walk the walk, not one that merely talks the talk.  A good realtor will earn every dollar of their commission.

A good realtor knows your neighborhood.  This is important, especially for home buyers.  It allows your realtor to find you a home in an area that is right for you.

When I am working with home buyers I will make sure that my clients are protected totally, nothing is left to chance.  I make your move a smooth one. 

When I am woring with home sellings I negotiate hard, and make sure that my clients are protected totally throughout the transcation. 

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Selling your home contact:

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