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Interest Rate Hike
By Diane Kelly
Mar 5, 2010, 10:54

Interest Rate Hike

People are asking now, is it the right time to buy a home?  With interest rates set to rise in June, 2010 home buyers are getting in now before the interest rate hike expected in June, 2010. 

Best to buy now and lock in at the lower interest rates.

The people who wait and watch the rates climb, look back with annoyance at themselves for not making the decision to buy when interests rates where lower.

The economy has been so unstable recently that people become afraid to move, but the fear they have costs them in the long run.   With the ecomony now moving upward things are looking much more stable.

If you want to make the move and not look back with regret call your realtor and get things moving. 

Good luck to everyone.

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