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Technology Talk Last Updated: Mar 11th, 2007 - 20:12:06

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By Mike Tester
Jul 31, 2006, 23:24

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Earlier this week, Waterloo, Ont.-based company Intelligent Mechatronic Systems Inc announced the launch of ILane, a "hands-free and eyes-free" e-mail system for your car.

That means no more fumbling with a portable e-mail device while speeding down the highway.

The ILane works with existing hand-held devices to let drivers listen to their e-mail and respond through voice commands without touching a button.

The company says the program will notify drivers of new e-mail and read out a brief summary "in a natural sounding voice, in the driver's language of choice."

The user can then listen to the entire message, forward it or write a response using only voice commands.

The software will automatically detect when the driver is inside the car and then will immediately begin to capture information from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The ILane will read out e-mails over the car's speakers or through headphones.

The company said its product is a "world first" in providing full connectivity on a mobile device while focusing on driver safety.

Intelligent Mechatronic Systems suggests more than one in five people have used a handheld device or even a laptop while driving or have seen another driver do so.

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