Dirty Talk - Public Health Violations
Express Cafe
By Mike Tester
Feb 13, 2007, 12:41

Express Cafe

125, 7th Ave SW

Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0W5


The CHR disclosed to the public that the following conditions to exist in and about the above noted food establishment which are or may become injurious or dangerous to the public health or which might hinder the prevention or suppression of disease, namely:


a. The floors in kitchen and store rooms as well as under equipment and shelves are very dirty, with large accumulations of debris, filth, food spillage, mouse droppings.


b. There are varying accumulations of mouse droppings and mouse urine among the food and other items on the shelves throughout the kitchen.


c. There are numerous mouse droppings amongst dry foods that are stored in the storage rooms.


d. A large number of holes in the building exterior, gaps under exterior/interior doors which allows the entry of vermin.


e. The lighting in the storage areas is poor and therefore prevents easy cleaning and monitoring for vermin.


f. There are excessive disorganized accumulations of unused or non-food related items in the store area that make vermin control and cleaning very difficult.


g. There are bird feathers and bird droppings on the decorative roof above the kitchen where food is stored, prepared, and served.


h. There are bird feathers and bird droppings covering the ventilation fan used to ventilate the premise.


i. The Menís and Womenís public washrooms are dirty with blood, ground in dirt and fecal matter.


j. The Menís and Womenís public washrooms have no soap and paper towel for washing hands.


k. The Menís and Womenís public washrooms have no toilet tissue.


l. The Womenís washroom extractor fan is not in working order.


m. The washroom floors are in disrepair.



The above information was placed in the public domain by the Calgary Health Region and has been reproduced as is.


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