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Calgary Landlord fined $92,000 after death of two tenants in house fire.
By Diane Kelly
Apr 11, 2010, 11:24

A landlord in Calgary has been fined $92,000 after two of his tenants died in a house fire.  The two tenants: Darrell Wright and Rock Mitchell died in July of 2008 and it's taken till 2010 for judgement. 

It seems an electrical overload caused the fire.  The property was zoned as a single family dwelling, but Yan Teng Li who owned the property had 8 individual suites.  To think that Yan Teng Li had nailed the windows shut, and had no smoke detectors in place. This man just obviously has no care for human life.   These people had no chance to get out.   

I hope that this is a warning to other landlords.  Any bedroom suite must have windows, and the windows need to have a 3.8 sq ft openable area. 

Yan Teng Li received one of the highest fines levied in a Calgary city case.

Diane Kelly

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