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Abbeydale, NE Calgary, Alberta
By Diane Kelly
Mar 17, 2010, 12:00

Abbeydale, NE Calgary

The community of Abbeydale is located in NE Calgary. It is bordered on the South by the Canadian National Railway, on the West by 68th St. NE and on the North by the Trans Canada Highway. The community was under the jurisdiction of the Municipal District of Rockyview until it was annexed by the city in 1976. The community has a large child and youth population and contains both a public and separate school. The neighborhood is primarily residential, with its principal commercial attraction being a simple strip mall. Downtown can be accessed by either Memorial Drive or 16th Avenue.

In response to the community’s demographics, the programs offered by Abbeydale’s community association are primarily youth oriented. The community center facilitates an out of school care program, numerous sports programs, Jelly Bean Dances and Scouts. They also boast an adult darts league. The centre also offers plenty of events for the entire family, and the center’s pool tables, dart boards and outdoor skating rink provide an excellent opportunity for families to relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Abbeydale offers activities for adults as well, with each Friday being open pub night featuring karaoke, crib tournaments or the occasional lobster dinner. Clearly, Abbeydale seeks to provide programs that match the interests of all of the community’s diverse population.

Schools in Abbeydale

Elementary Schools.

Abbeydale Elementary School Grade K-6 

320 Abergale Drive N.E.
Calgary , AB
T2A 6W2

Phone: (403) 777-6970
Fax: (403) 777-6973


Mayland Heights School, French Immersion.  Grade K-6  . 

2324 Maunsell Drive, NE Calgary, AB.  T2E 6A2

Tel: (403) 777-6290  Fax: (403) 777-6293


Holy Redeemer, Catholic district. Grade K-6 

708 - 47 Street SE, Calgary. T2A 1P8

Phone: (403) 500-2034  Fax: (403) 500-2234


Junior High Schools

Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert School Grade 7-9

Phone: (403) 777-7780
Fax: (403) 777-7783

6033 Madigan Drive N.E. Calgary , AB. T2A 5G9


Bob Edwards School Grade 7-9.

Phone: (403) 777-7770
Fax: (403) 777-7778

4424 Marlborough Drive N.E.
Calgary , AB
T2A 2Z5


St. Martha, Catholic District.  French Immsersion

6020 4 Avenue N.E, Calgary, Alberta T2A 4B1
Phone: (403) 500-2074


High Schools

Forest Lawn High School Grade 10-12

Phone: (403) 272-6665
Fax: (403) 777-7799

1304 - 44 Street S.E.
Calgary , AB
T2A 1M8


Lester B Petterson High School French Immersion and Languages.

Phone: (403) 280-6565
Fax: (403) 777-7158 


3020 - 52 Street N.E.
Calgary , AB
T1Y 5P4


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