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Selling your home in the winter months
By Diane Kelly
Mar 9, 2010, 00:02

Selling your home in the winter months.

Selling your home in the summer or spring, is not as much of a challenge as selling your home in the winter months.  Why?  Snow, grey skies, cold, dull, dirt.  You get the picture....

What can you do to make a difference to your home in the months when everything is a bit lifeless and cold looking?

If it's been snowing, always make sure that the snow is ploughed away from your house.  Prospective buyers don't really want to have to trudge through the snow. 

Warm colors.  Inviting smells.  heat in the home, but not overly warm.   If you're walls are looking a bit cold, warm them up with some nice warm colors.  Browns, soft beige, reds, earthy colors really warm a home up.  Cushions, again nice warm colors.  warm colored throws.

The smell of bread baking.  Cookies on the plate.  Cups on a tray with the hot chocolate mix just ready for that warming hot chocolate drink.  Hmmmm.... 

You're setting a stage.  Making the prospective buyers that come through your home, want to stay because you've made the home so inviting. 


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