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Husky Diner - 32nd avenue and Barlow in the NE
By Steve Kelly
Aug 29, 2006, 21:02

As far as basic no frills food goes the humble roadside diner has established itself as the first choice of the modern day road warrior. Providing reasonably priced food and lots of it!  Not so, the Husky Diner located on the corner of 32nd avenue and Barlow in the NE. This place serves up food that is so bad it is fast establishing itself as a legend in its own grease pit.


To say this place is the worst managed, dirtiest, run down hovel in Western Canada would perhaps be considered an understatement by many of the unfortunate souls who unwittingly stop off for something to eat at the Husky Diner.  Personally, I would rate it at one of the five worst diners I have visited in North America and for the following reasons.


To start with, service this is non existent. On the day I visited I was greeted by a large sign that read “find your own seat”. In fact, this was not a difficult task to accomplish since despite being lunchtime the place was almost empty. Next I waited for 15 minutes before a waitress approached tossing a greasy laminated menu onto the table. 20 minutes later and the waitress was back to take my order. I decided to play it safe and ordered one of the house signature dishes, a Denver Sandwich, fries and a Coke. After another half hour a large plate was dropped down in front of me, consisting of around two dozen soggy fries at one end and a rather sad looking limp Denver Sandwich at the other. In fact the sandwich was so saturated in grease that it was falling apart. Nothing was edible, and even my Coke was served flat and despite the token ice cubes, decidedly warm. As for the price of this culinary nightmare, that came to $10.75 including tax and tip.


To summarize this diner has absolutely no redeeming qualities and should be visited only by catering or hospitality students wishing to experience first hand an object lesson in how not to run a restaurant.


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