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How In Real Estate – Marketing Matters

October 29, 2010

An interview with Calgary Real Estate Agent Diane Kelly

Diane Kelly

Diane Kelly

With an impressive list of client testimonials that would be the envy of any business professional, Calgary real estate agent Diane Kelly has become one of the most respected realtors in Calgary. But getting to the top of her field isn’t something that happed overnight.

During the 1990’s Diane was working as a marketing consultant for some of Europe’s largest corporations, however it was not until she moved to Canada over a decade ago that she decided to turn her marketing skills to the world of real estate.

“I remember meeting a realtor shortly after arriving in Canada” Diane told me. Apparently this agent was a big name with one of the largest real estate brokerages in North America but he had a major problem. “Here in Calgary listings are just not moving at the moment” he told Diane. True at that time the Calgary real estate market was a little slow but by no means stagnant, also from what he told Diane his listings were very fairly priced. In fact, in a desperate attempt to sell them he had talked his clients into lowering their asking price, still no interest. Curious as to how this could be Diane asked “how are you marketing the properties?” “Well” said the agent, “basically we put them on the MLS run an advertisement in the local paper and hope for the best” It was at that moment that Diane decided that she had a golden opportunity before her. After all, if this was one of the top realtors in the city, what were the rest like? The next day she called five of Calgary’s top Realtors and asked “what services do you provided to home sellers”. Only one agent offered to provide anything other than a basic MLS listing. That was it, the next day Diane contacted the Calgary Real Estate Board and enrolled on a course which would lead to her obtaining her own qualification as a licensed real estate agent.

Over a decade later and Diane Kelly has established herself as a Realtor who gets results. According to Diane’s past clients that I spoke to, she is also a realtor who “goes above and beyond” when it comes to protecting her client’s interests. Despite her success however Diane puts a limit on the number of clients she is working with at any one time. “I’m very much a hands-on Realtor” said Diane. “I don’t, and never will believe in the so called “team approach” to real estate. When it comes to client representation, if someone hires me personally to represent them, than it’s only fair that I represent them personally and not pass them off to one of our associate agents”.

Strangely enough on the day I met Diane she wasn’t in fact working with sellers. Instead I found her negotiating the purchase of a home for a nurse at the Rocky View Hospital. “People forget there are two sides to real estate” Diane told me. “When any agent lists a property they are working for the home sellers. Consequently the listing agent has a duty to protect the interest of the home seller. When I work for a buyer my loyalty is to that buyer not the home seller. In this case it’s my job to negotiate the best possible deal on this home purchase.” And on this particular day Diane did just that, successfully

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