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We’re heading back upwards again. Job Seekers are heading back to Calgary!

July 15, 2011

Calgary economy on the move again.  This is the start, watch Calgary Real Estate grow back strong again.

After a two year low time, things are now starting to look up.  As job seekers head back to Calgary.  What’s caused the change?  It’s a reassurance in the oil patch and hiring demands growing. 

The first quarter 5300 people from other provinces headed to Alberta.  This is the highest rate of interprovincial migration since 2006.

Alberta also saw the fastest increase in population for the first quarter in all of Canada. 

With the above in mind we should see home prices rising again, as homes will begin to sell faster.  So if you’re a home buyer, now is the time to buy before the tide turns and prices begin to climb again.  If you’re a home seller you know that the lull is coming to an end and you’ll get a better return on your property. 

 To find homes for sale in around Calgary.  Click here.

If you’re selling your home?  Click here.

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