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Foreclosures and Grow ops

March 11, 2011

Foreclosures and Grow Ops in Calgary Real Estate. 

Diane Kelly, Calgary Realtor

Diane Kelly - Calgary Realtor

Can you find a good deal if you buy a foreclosure or a grow op?  Not always.  There are many factors to consider.  Most importantly never even consider buying a foreclosure or grow op with out the help of  real estate professionals.  The consequences could be very costly indeed. 

Calgary Foreclosures:  Are foreclosure homes always priced under market value?  Not always.  And if they are, they generally have many offers on them, so you’re in competing offers, which takes away your bargaining power.  With a foreclosure, it all depends on what is owing on the property.  That’s why it’s important to have your real estate professional check this out for you. 

Calgary Grow Ops:  Can you get a good deal on a grow op home?  Actually this can be a nightmare.  Home buyers see the reduced price and think they’re getting a good deal.  Unless the home has been remediated, be very careful.  And even if the home has been remediated, there is a stigma with grow op homes.  Also you will always have to disclose the fact that the home was a former grow op when you come to sell the property.  Not everyone wants to buy a grow op or former grow op home.  Again never, ever consider buying this type of home without your real estate professional by your side.

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